Six Key Benefits Of Having A Sewer Inspection Performed Now

One of the best things you can do to check up on the condition of your home is to have your sewer system inspected. Sewer inspections offer many benefits. It's important to know why having your sewer inspected periodically is so important. The following are six key benefits of having a sewer inspection performed now.  You can minimize the chances that your sewer system will experience damage from tree roots.

What To Know About Installing Siding On Your Mobile Home

Installing new siding on your mobile home can significantly improve its energy efficiency, appearance, and overall function. But mobile homes have some unique construction requirements that can make a siding replacement more challenging. Read on to learn more about installing or replacing the siding on your mobile home.  What Must You Do Before Installing New Siding? Because even the sturdiest siding isn't totally weatherproof, it's crucial to install a vapor barrier, sheathing, house wrap, and/or backer board along with the siding itself.