Worried About The Rains? How To Protect Your Yard From Soil Erosion

If you live in an area that's been affected by devastating fires, the coming rainy season will be particularly worrisome for you. Once a fire goes through an area, the soil is left bare. Unfortunately, the bare soil creates the perfect environment for landslides and soil erosion. Now's the time to take steps to protect your property from both hazards. Here are four steps you can take to stabilize the soil in your yard.

What You Need To Know About Taking Care Of Your Home Septic System

If you have just moved into or bought a home with a septic system, there are some additional tidbits of knowledge you need to know and understand about your system. A septic system is a different waste elimination system than being connected to the city sewer line, and you need to make sure you take care of the system and keep it working properly. Here are some tips to help you get to know your system and how you need to properly maintain it.

Four Reasons Why Court Resurfacing Should Never Be Ignored

Tennis and basketball resurfacing should occur once every five to ten years. It is not just a matter of aesthetics. There are several other reasons why your city's park and recreation department should be keeping up with this maintenance task. Nice-Looking Courts Are Inviting No one is interested in playing tennis or basketball on a court that is just run-down and ugly. A resurfaced court is brightly colored and very inviting.

3 Warning Signs You Need New Gutters

Home maintenance can be overwhelming at times. From mowing the lawn and trimming shrubs to cleaning carpet and repainting walls, it is easy to see the challenges many homeowners face. One area of the home homeowners tend to forget about is their gutters. While not the most interesting part of home maintenance, gutters are very important in maintaining the look and value of the home and the home's overall construction. Here are a few signs warning you that you may need new gutters.

3 Reasons To Have Your New Windows Professionally Installed

Now that you have decided to buy new windows, you have to decide how they should be installed. You can do it yourself, but it's a good idea to consider having a professional do it for you. Here's why: Avoid Unnecessary Damage By having a professional install your new windows, you can avoid the possibility of creating damage during the installation process. Unless you personally have the education and experience of a professional, there is a chance that you'll accidentally install the windows incorrectly or overlook and important step that results in structural damage to your home.