Do You Really Need Radon Testing?

Most people think about radon testing when buying or selling a home. And that's certainly a good time to consider it. But radon doesn't typically pop up right before a real estate transaction; it can show up anytime, completely undetected. So how do you know if it's in your home, and do you really need to be all that concerned about it? Here's how to know if you should get your home tested.

If Your Previous Roof Decayed Prematurely, Look For Shingles With These Features This Time Around

Asphalt shingles typically last around 20 years. Architectural shingles last about 50 years. If your old roof decayed quickly and your shingles did not last this long, then chances are, your home is exposed to some conditions that really challenge the shingles. This time around, it will be worth your while to choose shingles that are better made to withstand these challenges; as a result, your new roof should last longer.

Security Screen Doors: Benefits & Maintenance Requirements

If you want your home to be as safe and comfortable as possible, you will need to make some wise purchases. In this regard, investing in security screen windows and screen doors can be an excellent decision. When you want to make the most of this choice, you'll need to learn the advantages of installing screen doors, how to maintain them, and how you can get the help of professionals when you need repairs.

The 411 On Common Commercial Plumbing Problems

Managing a business can be overwhelming. From hiring and training employees to increasing profit and providing excellent customer service, it is easy to see the challenges of being a business owner. While these are obvious tasks for most, focusing on the underlying function of your building is also necessary. As a business owner or manager, you most likely already understand when the building has an electrical or ventilation issue. However, learning the signs of a plumbing and septic problem can be a bit more difficult.

2 Reasons To Consider Building Your Porch Or Patio From Vinyl

Building a porch or patio on your property is a great way to add a nice feature that will be capable of being used for entertaining guests or simply for you and your family to relax outdoors. Listed below are two reasons to consider building a porch or patio from vinyl. Resistant To Damage One of the most compelling reasons to consider building your porch or patio from vinyl is the fact that vinyl is naturally resistant to quite a few different forms of damage.