How To Restore Copper Gutters

Copper gutters are attractive, durable, rust-proof, and easy to maintain, but you may notice they start to fade. When copper oxidizes, a patina forms from the reaction between the copper and oxygen. Removing the patina can be tricky, but you still don't have to replace the gutters. Copper gutters can easily be restored by following these tips. Prepare to Restore the Gutters To restore copper gutters, gather: plastic gloves extension ladder rags paper towels plastic scoop or trowel synthetic scrub pad or soft scrub brush  buckets with ladder hooks white flour salt vinegar baking soda copper cleaning gel exterior metal paint and two-step metal primer (optional) Set an extension ladder on even ground, so you can reach the gutters comfortably, but don't lean the ladder against them to avoid dents  The top of the ladder should come six inches over the gutters.

Concrete Supplies You Can't Live Out When Refinishing A Concrete Stairway

Those old stairs leading to your porch have served you well, but they are looking a little rough around the edges these days. If you are like a lot of homeowners, you will pull up a few YouTube videos and plan a trip to the local home improvement store for a bag of concrete and some necessary supplies for a DIY repair job. Refinishing concrete steps seems like a simple venture, but truth be told, this job can get complicated really quickly, especially if you don't have the right tools for the job.

4 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling Your Home

Air conditioning is a modern invention that the majority of people who live in hot climates use around the clock during the summer months. So, when you hear your A/C running but your house begins to get warmer and warmer, it is natural to be concerned. There are many reasons why an air conditioner may stop properly cooling a home, such as: Dirty Air Filters Air filters are cheap and only take a few minutes to exchange.

Five Reasons To Pay For Gutter Installation

If you're going to install gutters on your home, you may be considering saving money and installing them yourself. While it's certainly possible to do, that doesn't mean it's a good idea. Here are a few of the reasons why you should have your gutters installed by a professional. It Benefits From A Skilled Eye There are many factors that affect the installation of gutters, and if you don't have the training and experience, you may overlook them.

Water Well Maintenance For New Homeowners

If you are new to living in a home with its own water well, you may be unsure what is expected of you when it comes to maintaining the well. The good news is that you rarely have to perform any hands-on maintenance on your own. Instead, you simply need to know the maintenance requirements so you can schedule any necessary work to be done. The following guide will help.