Top Things That A Good Basement Waterproofing Contractor Will Do

If your home has a basement, you should think about having your basement waterproofed. If you choose the right basement waterproofing contractor for the job, you can ensure that everything is done properly. Here are some things a good contractor will do. 

Look for Issues Around the Windows

If your basement has window wells, you should be aware that they can leak if you are not careful. A good basement waterproofing contractor should know this and should pay close attention to the areas around your window wells. Then, they can make sure that any current leaks are repaired. They can also ensure that product is applied properly to prevent future leaks in these areas.

Use the Right Waterproofing Products

There are certain products that should not be used when waterproofing a basement. For example, it's best to avoid using plastic for most basement waterproofing applications. Many good basement waterproofing contractors know that masonry waterproofing products are typically best. Many have ample experience and know which products to buy so that they can ensure that the job is done right.

Apply a Second Coat

During the basement waterproofing process, not only is it important to use the right basement waterproofing materials, but it's also important to make sure that the proper amount is used. A good basement waterproofing contractor will not stop at just applying one coat. Instead, they will typically apply one thick coat first, ensuring that they get plenty of the masonry waterproofing product in any holes or cracks that might be present. They will then typically allow that coating of waterproofing product to dry completely before applying at least one more coat.

Of course, this will make the process take a little bit longer, and it might cost a little more in materials and labor. However, it is worth it to choose a basement waterproofing contractor who will do things in this way so that you can ensure that your basement is properly waterproofed.

Recommend a Sump Pump

The good news is that a properly done basement waterproofing job should leave your basement in good condition. However, you shouldn't rely on the basement waterproofing product alone to prevent too much water from finding its way into your basement. A good basement waterproofing contractor should be able to talk to you about the importance of a sump pump, and they should help you choose one that is right for your basement. Fortunately, though, you probably won't need an overly large sump pump once you have your basement waterproofed, and you shouldn't have to worry about too much wear and tear on the sump pump if the basement waterproofing job is done right.

For more information about basement waterproofing, reach out to a professional.