Building A New House? Why You Choose A Truss Roof

As a general contractor, it's your job to not only construct houses but to make suggestions to the property owner concerning which building options will be best for them. People who are having a home built from the ground up may not be very experienced when it comes to making the most appropriate selections, but with your assistance, they should end up with a house that they truly love.

Choosing the right type of roof is very important, and the ramifications of making the wrong choice can have severe effects. When you're talking with your clients, these are a few reasons why you should recommend a truss roof.

Truss Roofs Have Great Slope

When people walk into a home that has high ceilings, they usually feel a sense of awe from the very moment they enter. There is just something about a grand, sloping ceiling that really captures the magnificence of a space and makes even a small room seem to be much larger. 

As you're consulting with your clients, make them aware of how much better their home will look with cathedral-like ceilings. Then, educate them on how these types of ceilings can be created with truss roofs.

Building trusses are designed with an 'A' frame, which allows the ceiling to flow upward much more than if you were to use traditional wooden beams or planks to construct the roof. 

In addition to the interior effect, you'll get with truss roofs there is also a corresponding outdoor benefit. As rain hits the roof, it should immediately flow down the sides of the sloping trusses. If you have a flat roof, the rain can puddle up and eventually begin to cause the material on the roof to deteriorate or leak.

Truss Roofs Save Time

Using wooden planks to build a roof could extend the construction time. People who are buying a house usually want to get into the property as soon as possible. Make your customers aware of just how much time can be saved by choosing a truss roof. Building trusses are pre-manufactured, so they come cut to size and ready to be used to create a beautiful roof in a much shorter period of time.

Truss roofs are elegant and dramatic, creating the perfect look for nearly any home. Recommend these roofs to your clients, and educate them on just how beneficial it will be to have such an efficient roof once they move in.