Worried About The Rains? How To Protect Your Yard From Soil Erosion

If you live in an area that's been affected by devastating fires, the coming rainy season will be particularly worrisome for you. Once a fire goes through an area, the soil is left bare. Unfortunately, the bare soil creates the perfect environment for landslides and soil erosion. Now's the time to take steps to protect your property from both hazards. Here are four steps you can take to stabilize the soil in your yard.

Add New Plants and Shrubbery

If you have bare soil in your yard, you need to add new plants and shrubbery, especially in areas near hills and slopes. Without proper vegetation, water will wash away the soil, which will cause significant soil erosion. Unfortunately, soil erosion is a major concern, especially after a wildfire. Plants and shrubbery will help hold the soil in place. For hills and slopes, you should consider planting a hearty ground cover. Most ground covers spread quickly, which will provide protection for your soil.

Make Use of Decorative Rocks

If you don't have decorative rocks in your yard, now's the time to add some. Decorative rock is an excellent way to hold your bare soil in place and improve the absorption rate. After a fire, you need your soil to absorb water quickly, especially in areas where flooding and landslides are a concern. Decorative rock provides both those benefits for your bare soil. It will hold the soil in place and prevent water from saturating your soil too quickly.

Protect Your Slopes

If you have slopes in your yard, you need to protect them from soil erosion. The best way to do that is with the use of materials such as mulch matting or fiber logs. Mulch matting is a fiber mat that contains mulch. The matting holds the mulch in place so that it can absorb the excess water and reduce the risk of soil erosion. Fiber logs are tube-like nets that are filled with mulch. They're often placed on top of each other to create a protective wall around slopes containing bare soil. As the water flows down the slope, its absorbed into the fiber logs.

Construct a Retaining Wall

If you have hills and slopes in your yard that are facing your home, you need to have a retaining wall constructed. Retaining walls are designed to keep rushing water and mud out of your yard. They can also help protect against rock falls, as well.

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