Four Reasons Why Court Resurfacing Should Never Be Ignored

Tennis and basketball resurfacing should occur once every five to ten years. It is not just a matter of aesthetics. There are several other reasons why your city's park and recreation department should be keeping up with this maintenance task.

Nice-Looking Courts Are Inviting

No one is interested in playing tennis or basketball on a court that is just run-down and ugly. A resurfaced court is brightly colored and very inviting. Most people gravitate naturally toward things that are pleasing to the eye. When a court is resurfaced, it is pretty and people naturally want to play on it.


Old, beat-up courts are full of cracks and bumps. Cracks and bumps make people fall. When people fall, they become injured. When people are injured, they sue. For safety reasons, courts should be resurfaced to provide visitors with a smooth playing surface and a relatively pain-free (because they cannot control their own bodily collisions or trips over their own feet) experience. The city also avoids lawsuits.


Yes, despite the fact that playing tennis and basketball on public courts is "play at your own risk," the city can still be sued if courts are a wretched minefield mess. Visitors playing can twist ankles, trip, fall, break arms and legs, etc. If that happens, the city may be sued for not taking responsibility for the ill-maintained courts and having these courts resurfaced. When the city is sued, that makes a big dent in available funds for other projects and/or raises property taxes. It is just easier and less expensive to hire contractors who can conduct court resurfacing in a few days' time.

Promote Athleticism and Fitness

A city that wants to promote public health, fitness, and athleticism cannot possibly hope to do so if and when its basketball and tennis courts look forlorn and forgotten. There are people that like to play tennis, and there are many more that enjoy pick-up games or one-on-one games of basketball. While "street ball"  may be fun, it is too dangerous for kids and adults to be "b-ballin" in the road. Give everyone a safe, clean place to play outdoor sports, and they will go there.

The Resurfacing Process Is Simple and Quick

It does not take that long to resurface a court. In a week or less, with fair weather, a court goes from wretched to brand new. Then everyone can return to playing court sports as usual.