3 Warning Signs You Need New Gutters

Home maintenance can be overwhelming at times. From mowing the lawn and trimming shrubs to cleaning carpet and repainting walls, it is easy to see the challenges many homeowners face. One area of the home homeowners tend to forget about is their gutters. While not the most interesting part of home maintenance, gutters are very important in maintaining the look and value of the home and the home's overall construction. Here are a few signs warning you that you may need new gutters.

Separating, Damaged Seams

The seams are where two sections of the gutter connect. Over time, heat and moisture can cause the seams to warp and separate. In addition, the basic settling of your home can affect how well the seams are connected.

Separating or damaged seams will be affected by moisture and debris. Both moisture and debris will build up if the seams are not in good condition, preventing rain and moisture from moving off the roof and away from the home in the most effective and efficient way. This increases the risk of roofing leaks and damage to the home.

Many Seams

Another reason you should consider replacing your gutters is if you have traditional gutters with seams. Seamless gutters do have seams, but they have fewer seams, meaning there is less risk of moisture and debris clogging the gutter system and affecting your home.

Therefore, if you have older gutters that are designed with more seams, invest in a safer seamless gutter system.

Peeling, Bubbling Paint

Peeling, bubbling paint on the side of your home may not necessarily mean you need new gutters, but it does mean moisture is somehow affecting your home's exterior.

If you do see peeling, bubbling paint or water stains in the paint in one area of the home's exterior, inspect the gutter closest to this damage. In most cases, the damaged paint and water stains will be due to rainwater flowing out over the gutter and down the side of the home instead of through the gutter system.

Check the section of gutter for debris, which may be preventing water from flowing properly. Remove the debris to unclog the gutter. Also, inspect the section of gutter to determine if there is any warping or issues with the seams.

It is important to remember that without addressing the above issues, your roof and exterior siding may begin experiencing excess exposure to moisture, which can lead to rotting and decay. If you notice one or more of the above signs, have your gutters evaluated and replaced by a company such as California Gutter Company INC.