Do You Ever Need To Get A New Flood Elevation Certificate?

To obtain an accurate flood insurance policy, you will be required to produce a flood elevation certificate if you happen to live in an area classified as an area with a lot of risk. The flood elevation certificate helps the insurance company gauge your building elevation in comparison to the base flood level.

If you had successfully filed to obtain a flood elevation certificate before you might not need to apply for a new one. However, to be certain or to obtain a copy, you should visit your municipal council, and they would be able to advise whether you have relevant information on file already. If not, it means that you will have to start the process from scratch.

How to Obtain a Flood Elevation Certificate

The best way forward towards attaining a flood level certificate is by employing the services of a surveyor, engineer, or architect to create your elevation certificate. Their fees may vary from one to another but are likely to range anywhere from $500 - $3000 depending on the complexity of your case.

It is always prudent to get three to four quotes in-order to make sure that you are not being overcharged. Once you have secured your flood elevation certificate, only then can your insurance agent compare it to your base flood elevation. In areas with a lot of flood risk, it will mean that the higher your base flood elevation, the more you will need to pay for insurance.

Does It Expire?

A flood elevation certificate does not expire. However, newer ones might contain more information than older ones. For this reason, if you have an older flood elevation certificate, you will only need to have it updated for an agent to offer you a quote. Having it updated may mean that you have to enlist the services of a licensed surveyor, architect, or engineer all over again, but for a lesser cost.

If you are in a relatively low-risk zone, you will not need a flood elevation certificate. Checking with your insurance is the way to go as they will be able to advise whether in your area this certificate is required or not. It advised that once you have this document, you make a photocopy and keep it safe as it will surely come in handy when it is time to insure your property. It will also save you the precious time of having to do a visit to your municipal office just to obtain a copy. 

For more information on flood elevation certificates, contact your local surveying team.