Ask A Traffic Control Rental Company About Flaggers

When it is necessary to control traffic for whatever reason, not only can you rent traffic control equipment, but you can also hire flaggers who can direct traffic. These are individuals who will provide instructions to motorists. For instance, if one side of the road is blocked, a flagger can instruct motorists on one side of the road to remain still so that each side of the road can be cleared of traffic. If motorists must periodically slow down for whatever reason, such as to protect pedestrians attending an event, the flaggers can be used to control traffic. However, for the work of the flaggers to be effective, they must meet certain standards.

Flagger Tools

The flaggers use various tools in order to direct traffic. This includes flags and paddles. The goal is to more effectively communicate with drivers through non-verbal communication. Without equipment and clothing that would identify flaggers as fulfilling this role, some motorists may mistake the flaggers for regular pedestrians. 

Flagger Safety

Flaggers need to be used at the start of the traffic control setup in order to reinforce the channel taper. The flaggers need to wear clothing that is highly visible. Because of the danger that flaggers are put in, they should be highly trained in safe traffic control procedures. Of all the construction workers, the flaggers are the most likely to be hit accidentally by motorists.

The Right Flagger For The Job

The flaggers need to be able to communicate orders clearly, effectively, firmly and in a respectful manner. They also need to be prepared to move quickly in the event of a vehicle not complying with instructions. They must have the right frame of mind because they will be performing a difficult task often under stressful situations. For instance, on a road where there is a high volume of traffic, it may be intimidating to have several vehicles whizzing past. The flaggers must also be highly observant and be able to respond to hazardous situations that emerge.

Finding A Professional

Because of the dangers of being a flagger, it is important that you hire professionals. It is not safe to simply have an employee or friend handle the directing of traffic. The great news is that there are companies that will not only rent traffic control equipment but may provide you with professional flaggers who can keep the roads safe regardless of the event. 

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