Tips For Caring For Your Limestone Counters

Whether you have just moved into a home with limestone counters or you are just about to have these type of counters installed, you will want to learn about how to properly care for them. This way, your limestone counters will last for as many years as possible. Then, you will only need to call a contractor to replace them if you decide to renovate the kitchen and go with another material for your counters.

Clean Up All Spills Immediately

You want to avoid having your limestone counters stained various colors, you will need to clean up all liquid and food stains right away. The longer the spills sit, the more likely it is that the counters will start to become discolored. To help make sure that everyone in your family remembers to do this, you will want to keep paper towels, or soft cotton towels nearby. This way, the things they will need to clean up the spills will be right within reach.

Watch The Hot Stuff

When you need to take hot pans and skillets off of the stove and set them on the counter, you need to think twice before you do. This is because setting them directly on the limestone can cause the stone to become damaged and crack. This does not mean that you cannot use the available counter space to set hot foods out. Simply make sure that you are placing a trivet on the counter first, and then place the hot pan or skillet on the trivet.

Use Only Mild Soap And Water For Cleaning It

While it might be tempting to purchase a lot of your favorite scented kitchen cleaners to use on your counters, as well as everything else, you need to avoid doing so. In order to properly clean the limestone counters, you need nothing more than some warm water and a very mild soap. Anything else might be too abrasive for the counters and could end up doing more harm than good. If you really want a chemical solution for your kitchen counters, you will need to purchase one that specifically mentions being made for limestone counters.

By following just a few simple tips, you will find that you are able to keep your limestone counters in excellent shape. They will last for many years to come and will only need to be replaced if you want them to be replaced. If you need more advice for caring for your counters, contact a business such as Small's Sand Gravel Inc.