Creating An Enclosed Patio For Year-Round Use: Three Unique Ideas To Consider

When it comes to having an enclosed porch or patio, you might think you can only take advantage of this space in the warm summer months. With the right setup, however, you can enjoy your semi-outdoor space all year long. Here are just some of the many things to consider if you are planning a remodel of your enclosed porch or patio.

Custom Fireplace

If you want to keep your porch warm without running ductwork and expanding your HVAC system, consider the addition of a custom fireplace. The fireplace can deliver the warmth you want while creating a stunning centerpiece in the room. Work with a business like Alpine Fireplaces to create the look you want, and add in a few features to make the fireplace have a more high-end feel. For example, you can have the stone or brickwork extended to create a more opulent design, or you can have a separate storage space built next to the fireplace for storing firewood in a beautiful way. Add a mantel for displaying decorative items, or think about having a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall above the fireplace.

Hot Tubs And Heated Pools

For homes situated in colder climates, an enclosed porch provides a way to feel outside even when the weather doesn't allow it. Get more from your space by adding a hot tub or indoor heated pool. This gives you a way to enjoy relaxing in the water all year long. Combine this idea with the addition of a roaring fireplace, and you can create the ultimate home spa for you and your family. Your contractor can help you to find the pool or hot tub that works best in your space. What you choose may depend on the ground beneath the porch and your building's elevation, so discuss all of your available options before getting your heart set on one or the other.

Indoor Garden

If you love to spend time gardening, you can enjoy lush greenery year-round in your enclosed patio space. You can work with your contractor and a landscaper to create a stunning indoor garden or landscape. This can be as simple as installing window boxes throughout the space for growing flowers, or you can get truly unique with an indoor pond or fountain surrounded by tropical plants. You'll need to plan the layout of all the greenery and any special plumbing you might need, and be sure to discuss which plants will thrive the best indoors with your landscaper.

Use any or all three of these ideas to bring the outdoors in so you can enjoy your enclosed porch or patio while giving it a unique and cozy feel.