7 Benefits Of Residential Vinyl Siding

If you are planning a home remodeling or makeover job, the exterior of your home should be a priority. When considering replacing existing siding, vinyl is probably the most widely used and popular material available. There are several advantages to choosing vinyl siding for your residential remodel. It is relatively easy to install and maintain, flexible in terms of color and painting options, and vinyl siding is durable as well. If you still require more convincing, here are 7 good reasons to replace your existing siding with a new vinyl siding application:

1. No Fuss, No Muss Installation With Vinyl Siding

When you are in the midst of a home remodeling job, you don't want the exterior to take up valuable time and much effort. You will want siding that is relatively easy to put in place, freeing up your time to concentrate on other tasks at hand. In fact, many do-it-yourself handymen can install vinyl siding without much effort. For many, the straightforward process of installation makes choosing vinyl siding a no-brainer decision. Other than the siding itself, the only tools required will basically be a level, tape measure, snips and nails. Keep in mind you will need a zip tool if you are removing your old siding. The entire process is a one-day job for many.

2. Maintenance of Vinyl Siding Is Minimal

In this day and age, nobody wants a high maintenance home or fixtures. With modern lifestyles and hectic family life, little time is often left for home improvements. This is another good reason that many homeowners choose vinyl for their siding material. Not a lot of maintenance or upkeep will be required. You will want to wash away dirt and grime periodically, but basically, that is about all you will need to worry about with vinyl siding. And expensive cleaners and chemicals won't be necessary. Under most circumstances, plain soap and water is all you will need to clean your vinyl siding, and you will probably only have to wash the siding on a yearly basis.

3. Many Vinyl Siding Applications Are Available With Moisture Resistance

A problem for many homeowners is moisture retention on their siding. This can lead to many issues, inside and outside your house. However, modern vinyl siding is often made with special components that allow moisture to escape. This helps to eliminate mold and mildew growth, which can lead to health issues and damage to your home.

4. Vinyl Siding Is Quite Durable and Long Lasting

As a homeowner, you want your siding to be strong and last a number of years. Vinyl siding fits the bill nicely. In fact, many companies offer warranties that extend to several decades. Some manufacturers even offer lifetime warranties. You will find that vinyl siding can withstand strong winds, as well as being resistant to heat, humidity and cold temperatures. In addition, vinyl siding will not show scratches as much as wood will, and dry rot or splintering is not an issue.

5. Insulated Vinyl Keeps Your Home Cooler in Summer and Warmer in Winter

Choose insulated vinyl for your home and you may save on heating and cooling costs. It can be an energy efficient way to lower your monthly energy bills. Insulated vinyl siding may also make you eligible for energy tax credits, so you might want to inquire about that as well.

6. Color Options Are Virtually Unlimited

Would you like to save time and money painting over your home siding? With vinyl, you can select a color choice that will complement your home's exterior beautifully. This eliminates the need for repainting to a color you would prefer.

7. Vinyl Siding Is An Affordable Option

If you are on a budget, vinyl is the material you will want to choose for your home siding. Vinyl siding is, in fact, the most affordable option out there. It could be because it installs quickly (when hiring a professional) and it will not need to be painted.