Three Tips For Maintaining Septic Systems And Avoiding Costly Repairs When They Fail

Septic systems are part of the mechanical systems of your home and require regular maintenance. Problems with the septic tank of your home can be avoided with regular pumping and good practices to prevent common problems, such as overburden and foreign materials in the tank. Here are some tips to help you maintain your septic system and avoid costly repairs:

1. Problems from Foreign Materials and Chemicals in Septic Tanks  

The main problems that affect septic systems have to do with foreign materials getting in the tank. It may be due to flushing baby wipes down the toilet, or a baby that flushed something down the toilet that should not be there. The septic tank cannot break down these materials and may allow solids to build up. If something gets stopped in the main drain lines of your plumbing, a drain cleaning service like Rapid Rooter Inc will be able to help remove it before it gets to the tank and causes damage. In addition, harsh cleaning chemicals also cause problems with solids breaking down in the tank, so you want to use them as sparingly as possible.

2. Overburden Problems That Come from Excess Water

Overburden is another problem that you may have with a septic tank, which happens when too much water goes to the tank at once. The excessive water causes the solids to rise, where they can get into drain fields and cause problems with your septic system. Contact a drain cleaning service to help free any debris stopping up drain field lines, and have your septic tank pumped if this happens to you. In addition, using less water will also help, such as using appliances like washers more wisely.

3. Regular Pumping and Maintenance to Prevent Problems

Regular pumping and maintenance is the best way to avoid problems with septic systems. Your tank should be pumped regularly to remove the solids and inspect it for any issues that may cause problems. Occasionally, have the tank and drain field distribution box checked for any problems that need to be fixed. With a good maintenance routine, your septic system will not need any more than regular pumping.

Simple maintenance and good septic system use will ensure the only thing your septic tank ever needs is pumping. Contact a drain cleaning service when you need help cleaning septic lines or other problems with main lines that can cause damage to your septic system.