Sump Pump Information Homeowners Should Know

Water control problems can be an issue that poses a serious threat to homeowners. When water is unable to effectively drain away from the property, it can contribute to substantial damages to the structure. Sump pumps can be highly effective at allowing homeowners to prevent water from pooling in the low points of their homes.

Are Sump Pumps Only For Basements?

It is often assumed that the basement is the only area of a home that can benefit from the use of a sump pump. However, there are many areas of a home that can be prone to pooling water. For example, crawl spaces that are located under the house can be another area that will commonly encounter this problem. Any low area of the house that is suffering from pooling water will likely be able to benefit from the installation of a sump pump.

Does The Power Of The Sump Pump Matter?

It is often assumed that all sump pumps are essentially the same. However, it is possible to purchase sump pumps that have different sizes of motors, and this can effect the amount of water that the pump will be able to move at a time. Not surprisingly, homeowners frequently lack the knowledge and expertise to effectively know what size of sump pump they should choose. Luckily, there are sump pump technicians who will be able to investigate and evaluate the areas of your home that are prone to pooling water to determine the exact size of sump pump that will provide the best results.

What Is Involved With Installing A Sump Pump?

To be effective, a sump pump will need to be installed lower than the pooling water. A series of drains will work to carry the excess water out of the home's interior. As a result, you will likely need to have these drains installed, which can require some shallow excavation in the crawlspaces and basement of the house. Once these drains are in place, the sump pump can be attached to the system so that it will be ready to work the next time water starts to pool.

Adding a sump pump to your house is an upgrade that can greatly reduce the amount of damage that can occur due to water pooling in the lower areas of the structure. Having a basic understanding concerning sump pumps will enable you to better anticipate the benefits that these pumps can provide, the process of installing them, and the factors that will influence the size of pump that you will need can enable you to prevent pooling water from being a long-term threat to your home. To learn more about having a sump pump installed, check out websites like