Tips For Painting Your Commercial Metal Building

If you've invested in a new commercial property only to find that the metal building on the property hasn't been painted or has peeling, chipping paint, it's in your best interest to give the whole thing a fresh coat of paint. Not only does that paint protect your building from rust and weather damage, but it also helps to keep the building looking professional. Here are a few tips to help you tackle the job on your own.

Gather What You Need

Painting a metal building doesn't require a lot of supplies. You'll just need some basic equipment and tools. For example, a sandblaster will help you clean the paint and any debris off the surface of the building. Newspaper and painter's tape will cover the windows and air vents. Metal primer will help the paint adhere well, and you'll want a rust-resistant outdoor paint for the final finish. To apply the primer and paint, you'll want to invest in a high-pressure sprayer so that you get even coverage.

Get The Job Done

The first thing you should do is to treat the whole outside of the building with the sandblaster. Use a gentle blasting medium so that you don't damage the metal finish. Even if there isn't a coating of paint already on the building, you should still do this step so you remove anything that may have settled onto the surface.

Once you've sandblasted the building, it's time to clean away any residue. Rinse the whole thing with a pressure washer, then let the building dry. Cover the vents and windows with the newspaper and tape.

Fill your sprayer with the primer, then work in even, smooth strokes across the surface of the building. Apply it in a thin layer and keep your motion consistent so that you don't end up with any runs or thick spots. Then, allow the primer to dry according to the instructions from the manufacturer.

Rinse the sprayer out so that there's no residual primer. Once the primer coat has set, apply the paint in the same manner. Make sure the coating is as even as possible. You'll probably need a couple of coats to get the look you want. Then, cover it with a clear coat if the outdoor paint you chose doesn't have a clear coat incorporated.

If you're not comfortable with doing the work on your own, talk with a commercial painter. The painters will be able to help you with the preparation and paint application to ensure that you get a professional finish. Contact a company like Hastings Construction INC. for more info.