5 Different Glass Options To Help Illuminate A Sun Room

A sun room on your home offers a great view of the outside world while allowing you to control temperatures on the inside. Selecting the glass for your sun room comes with a lot of options. There are large windows, sun roofs, and other small areas to consider. If you want to fully illuminate the room with as much natural light as possible, then there are specific options to choose from. The following five glass options can illuminate a sun room in a variety of ways. Selecting the custom glass of your choosing depends on your personal style and tastes.

Beveled Edges

Pieces of glass with beveled edges help add a modern look to your sun room. The edges of the glass are angled down and go across the whole border of the glass piece. Not only does it add to the look of a room, but it can cast some unique rays of light. When sunlight shines directly on this type of glass, the rays can get dispersed through the angles to create a variety of colors in your sun room. This effect works especially well during times of the day like early morning and dusk.

A beveled piece of glass can be installed on every window or just as a single specialty window for the sun room door.

Frosted Glass

Get all the light in your sun room while still having the privacy that you seek. If you live close to neighbors or other properties, a sun room could offer visuals into your home. Instead of sacrificing the natural sunlight, you can line your sun room with frosted glass panels. These panels have a coating on them that opaques the visuals but still allows light through. If there are specific areas that you want to block out, then only a few custom sheets of frosted glass can be installed.

The traditional frosted glass has a white hue to it, but there are other colors available. The hue that you select for your frosted glass may change the color tones of light in the room.

Bronze Glass

Add a unique look to your sun room with a bronze glass finish. The bronze tones of this glass can also help add privacy, but one of the main benefits is the reduction of sun glare. Installing large pieces of bronze glass into your sun room is best compared to putting on a giant pair of sunglasses.

When the sun shines directly on the glass, the bronze coating helps block out glares and powerful rays. This allows you to enjoy the view of your yard without having to squint or wait for the sun to change positions.


If you're looking for the clearest view possible, then you should consider a glass product known as HD-glass. Unlike traditional clear glass, HD-glass has a lower iron content, allowing you to see as clearly as possible while still protecting your sun room from weather elements or other things like insects.

This type of glass is ideal for a sun room that overlooks a beautiful landscape or garden. Everything looks vivid and there is a clear difference between the HD-glass and standard glass products.

Thicker Glass

One of the hardest things to control in a sun room is the temperature. With some many windows and openings, you may feel like you're outside instead of staying inside. One of the best ways to control this is by choosing a thicker glass. A lot of traditional glass windows have a thickness of a half-inch. Adding more thickness can help keep extra climate control in your sun room.

For example, glass windows with 3/4 inch will add the extra padding. Thicker glass also adds durability in case something like a ball or bird knocks into the glass. Inquire about these custom pieces and how they can properly fit in your sun room frames.

As you work with a contractor to choose your glass options, consider the main uses you will get out of a sun room. You also have the ability to mix these options together for multiple types of glass in the same room. For more information about your custom glass options, try visiting a site like http://www.wildwoodglasscompany.com.