Can't Get Rid of Your Bed Bugs? Try Killing Them with Heat

While one of the most popular methods for bed bug removal is through the use of pesticides, other methods have proved to be more effective and less harmful for homeowners. If you have tried everything to get rid of your bed bugs and cannot find successfully accomplish this task, you may want to try heat treatment. This treatment is different from all other methods, but it may require some preparation on your part. Here are three things you should know about this method of bed bug elimination.

What Is Heat Treatment?

Heat treatment for bed bugs is one of the newer methods available for eliminating these pesky creatures. With this method, an extermination company will bring large heaters into your home. The heaters are used to increase the temperature in your home to a point that will cause the bed bugs to die.

For this to happen, the temperature inside the bodies of the bed bugs must reach 113 degrees F. In order to do this with heat, the heaters must be set to reach a temperature of around 140 degrees F. By having the temperature this hot, it will ensure that the bugs will die, even if they are hiding inside items that may insulate or protect them from the heat.

What Are The Benefits of Heat Treatment?

When you look at the options available for eliminating bed bugs, you will find that most options require you to find the bed bugs before they can be treated. One huge benefit of heat treatment is that this step is not required. During the treatment, the entire house is heated up, which means that every bed bug in the house will either have to leave the house, or they will end up dead. This will also kill all the eggs that have been laid inside your home.

A second benefit is that you and your family will not have to be exposed to harsh pesticides. Pesticides are often helpful in eliminating bed bugs, but they are not completely safe for you to breathe in.

You will also benefit from heat treatment because you will not have to wash every piece of bedding you own in hot water. When the bed bugs die, you may have to sweep them up or wash a few blankets, but you will not have to do this to everything in your house.

How Will This Affect You?

The main way this will affect you is that when the treatment is complete, your house will be bedbug-free, but there are some sacrifices too. These include the following:

  • You may have to prepare your house: Because the temperature will get really hot in your house, you may need to remove some items from your house. This can include food that is setting out, photos, and antique furniture.
  • You will have to leave: Living in a house that is this hot could also kill you, so you will have to leave the house during the heat treatment. The good news is that once the house reaches the desired temperature, it will only take less than one day to accomplish the job.
  • Your house must be sealed: When you leave prior to the treatment, you must make sure you seal all doors, windows, and cracks in your home. This is important because it will help the heat stay inside your house during the treatment.

Tackling bed bugs is no easy task, yet living with bed bugs in your home is not fun. If you would like to get expert help for your bed bug problem, contact an extermination company such as that offers heat treatment.