Ideas For Upgrading Your AC System With State-Of-The-Art Features

If you live in an area that has sweltering summers, you probably run your air conditioner nearly non-stop during the summer. This can lead to high energy bills and, if you have an old AC system, frustration with keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. However, advances in technology have made it possible to improve the efficiency of your AC and control the temperature of your home even when you are away. Consider some of the following AC features if you are exploring ways help keep your house cool during the summer.

Smartphone Controls

How cool would it be to manage your AC from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the Internet? If you are tired of fussing around with your air conditioner's automatic controls and worry about exorbitant energy bills, you can alleviate your anxiety by installing a smartphone controlled system.

Smartphone controls are available for central AC, window units and wall systems.Remote access to your AC means you can make sure your home is cool and comfortable before you arrive home from work. You will not have to run a unit all day to keep the house cool or get home and wait in the heat until the house temperature drops.

In addition, if you go on vacation or a business trip, you can keep your house from getting too hot for your indoor plants and pets.

Android and iOS apps for your Wi-Fi-connected AC also provide details on the current weather and your energy usage patterns. You will be able to adjust the temperature in your home when the weather changes unexpectedly and turn the AC off if you left it running by mistake when you leave home.

If you are replacing your old AC, you can purchase a system that includes wireless capability. HVAC contractors can also help you determine if you current system is compatible with wireless access.

Zone Systems

When you need to install a new AC system, you can select units that provide temperature controls for different areas of your house. This is helpful if you and other family members have different tolerances for heat.

Traditional central air and ductless units provide zone controls that enable you to turn off the AC in areas of the house that you do not use often.  Zone systems will help you save money on your energy bills and come with digital control panels that make it easy to manage your home's temperature settings in different rooms.

Advanced Air Cleaning Systems and Purifiers

The indoor air quality of your home can have a significant impact on your health especially if you suffer from chronic respiratory problems, such as asthma, or have an autoimmune condition. Some late model air conditioners come equipped with advanced air cleaning systems that filter out harmful impurities such as airborne bacteria, pollen, dust, viruses, mold spores, chemicals and foul smelling odors.

Some air purifier filters also contain catechin, a natural substance found in green tea that can help to deodorize air and remove harmful substances.

You can install filter systems in your HVAC system to enjoy cleaner air. AC professionals can advise on what filter systems are compatible with your system and install the devices. If your air conditioner is not compatible with an air purifier or an advanced filter system you can also purchase standalone energy-efficient air purifiers.

Picture Frame Air Conditioner

If you do not like how air conditioner wall units look in your home, you can install picture frame devices that double as artwork. Instead of an industrial-looking device, you picture frame unit looks like a mounted piece of visual art. A high-quality frame holds prints of fine art and photography in these specialty wall units.

You can provide your own art work or buy units that include renditions of famous paintings. The units are ductless, can quickly cool rooms, have advanced controls and timers. In addition, some models also include air purifiers.

For more information, contact local HVAC contractors