Things You Should Know Before Installing A Jacuzzi Hot Tub

Soaking in a Jacuzzi hot tub on a regular basis can provide many health benefits including reducing stress, easing aches and pains and improving blood sugar control. Before getting a hot tub installed, though, there are a few important things you need to consider and do to prepare yourself and your home for one of these units.

Choose a Good Location

There are several factors that go into what makes a good location for a hot tub. The most obvious is there should be enough room for the tub you want. Measure the space where you think you want to place the Jacuzzi before you start shopping for one. This way you will know exactly how much real estate you have available for the unit.

Even more importantly, though, you need to make sure the space is easily accessible to the people who will be installing the hot tub. That wonderful private nook in the corner of your yard won't do you any good if the contractor can't get the hot tub to the location. In some cases, the contractor may still be able to get the unit into a tight spot but may need to use heavy equipment, such as a crane, to do so, which may result in additional installation expenses.

If you have to choose between privacy and accessibility, it's probably more prudent to place the hot tub as close to your home as possible. You're likely to use the Jacuzzi a lot more if it is only 5 feet from your back door as opposed to 50 feet. You can always put up screens or other items that help keep nosy neighbors out of your business.

Lastly, not all Jacuzzis need to be connected to a plumbing system. However, they do need to be located near a source of electricity. If the area where you want to put the hot tub isn't close to an outlet, then you may want to talk to an electrician about wiring one in that location.

Permits and Building Codes

In many cities, you will need a permit to install a Jacuzzi hot tub in your home. This is particularly true if you are making renovations to your home to accommodate the unit. Even if the city doesn't require you to get a building permit, your homeowner's associate might. It's best to check with both to cover all your bases.

Your installation may also have to conform to certain building codes. For example, in Prince William County, Virginia, you must obtain a permit to install a hot tub and put a barrier around it as an accident prevention method. A contractor can provide more information about the specific building codes and requirements in your town.

Safety Features

When shopping for a hot tub, there are a few safety features you'll want to look for which can help minimize the risk of accidental drowning and other injuries.

  • Multiple temperature sensors that automatically adjust the heat to prevent the water from getting too hot.
  • Stairs or a ladder that makes it easier to get into and out of the tub.
  • A check valve that stops water from getting into the blower.
  • Controls on the outside of the tub and away from the water.
  • A lockable hot tub cover.
  • Non-slip surface or accessories you can add to promote good traction.

Buying a Jacuzzi hot tub does require quite a bit of thought and planning. A knowledgeable and experienced contractor, from a company like California Home Spas & Patio, can help you understand the different aspects involved with making this investment, so you can get the hot tub that fits your preferences and needs.